Nørrebro bycenter

New image campaign draws attention

Nørrebro Bycenter is just now in the process of major rebranding! The first visible sign of this process is an image campaign making a significant appearance in Nørrebro.

The focal point of the rebranding is "YOU"! We focus on you because we love Nørrebro and all the people who live there. And we believe that our diversity is what defines the lively and colourful neighbourhood that we all love. And YOU, who have Nørrebro close to your heart, contribute to the community and the love we feel for our neighbourhood.

The main characters in our new image campaign are six fantastic people from Nørrebro, who share their feelings and their love for the neighbourhood. The main characters' various stories about Nørrebro have become mantras in the campaign such as "A small oasis in the middle of the city chaos" and "More wild – more colourful".

We are crazy about the diversity and love that it is part of all of you! And we embrace it! Therefore, we ask you to show us YOUR Nørrebro on #vielskernørrebro on Instagram.

We would love to hear from you.