Helsingør Bycenter

Events inrich the experience

Elsinore offers a wide range of cultural and sports events as well as entertainment. The residents are socially committed and like to "go out".

The shopping centre contributes to the high activity level with many family-oriented activities of which many take place at the market square of the shopping centre, featuring anything from a jazz festival to amateur theatre and drawing competitions.

Helsingør Bycenter has a long tradition of providing different family events. These events can be divided into three categories: Entertainment, activity and shopping.

In the entertainment category, the centre provides entertainment such as theatre or music on a small scene at the market place several times a year. Surrounded by shops families gather around popular characters or entertainers known from television or radio programmes. The music creates a good atmosphere and satisfied customers in the entire centre.

In the activity category, the shops in the centre are often directly involved in offering children exciting or creative options such as treasure hunts, DIY projects or small competitions. These activities take place at one of the small squares in the centre but are often planned with a view to involvement of the entire centre.

Helsingør Bycenter also works on sales promoting activities directed at the family. Coordinated sales, market days and other shopping activities are held with different themes.

It is a well known fact that centre activities promote sale and make customers happy. And in Elsinore, customers embrace the different activities in the centre – and the various shops also enjoy all the small and large events.