New technologies reduce environmental footprint

By introducing new technology in the operation of Frederiksberg Centret its environmental impact has been reduced. With Siemens as the turnkey contractor, the centre has been subjected to a thorough energy renovation to find potential areas of optimisation and savings. The renovation has resulted in energy savings of approx. 25 % of total consumption at the centre and an improved indoor climate to the benefit of the 8 million customers visiting the centre every year.

The most recent energy renovation project in Frederiksberg Centret proves that properties can increase their value, run more efficiently and reduce their environmental impact by upgrading technology in the building. And the result is valuable to all the parties involved – owner, tenants and visitors, says Hans Andersen, Department Manager responsible for energy and indoor climate at DEAS's department for technical building consultancy.

DEAS in cooperation with The Danish Technological Institute has prepared the new indoor climate strategy for the centre and managed tenders and follow up on the project to make sure that it lives up to the ambitions.

Annual savings of DKK 1 million
In addition to the environmental benefits the energy renovation at Frederiksberg Centret also has financial benefits. The centre has succeeded in annual savings in collective operational costs amounting to approx. DKK 1 million.

In addition, the centre can look forward to even lower maintenance costs especially for the ventilation system.

It may be considered wasteful if a property uses more energy than necessary. I hope that this recognition of FRB.C may encourage other building owners to increase the value of their properties by more efficient operation and reduction of their environmental impact through a cost neutral upgrading of the building technology, says Jesper Skou, CEO at Siemens Building Technologies.

The centre has now been upgraded with demand controlled ventilation, night and remote control cooling, radar-controlled escalators and conveyors, new pumps and insulation of the installations.