Glostrup Shoppingcenter

Shopping and inspiration

Inspiration is the way forward when shops present products and possibilities to customers. And with the digital media, it has become much easier for the shops to communicate with the customers when they are not in the centre.

The centre and the shops use websites, newsletters and social media in their communication effort with focus on inspiration as this is what the consumers want on these media.

Glostrup Shoppingcenter has good experience with inspiration campaigns and depending on the time of year, classics such as clothes of the season, food and cooking and tips for children's games recur in new and attractive packaging.

Inspiration campaigns strengthen the relationship between the centre and its customers and make visits to the centre even more appealing.

Healthy shopping in Glostrup
In 2018, Glostrup Shoppingcenter has a slightly different inspiration campaign based on the attractive local areas for running and fitness exercises. The campaign is called "Healthy shopping" and focuses on a healthy lifestyle with organic food, sportswear and accessories as well as health and beauty products.

With the encouragement to exercise, Glostrup Shoppingcenter is in line with the global fitness and health trends. And this is a message that appeals to a major part of the centre's target group.