Friis Shoppingcenter

In ambitious remodeling

Renovation of Friis Shoppingcenter has been ongoing since June 2017, making room for Magasin, which will be part of Friis Shoppingcenter in 2018. Construction also takes place in the other part of the centre where new shops open continuously. Now, the next phase of the building project will be initiated, including a transformation of the front with a new entrance area and a brand new look.

Friis Shoppingcenter's white front, as most people know it with the distinctive red logo, will soon be a thing of the past. The transformation of the front of Friis Shoppingcenter has started and the plans for the future look of the building are ready. The new front of the shopping centre will include large glass areas and warm colours from the tombak cladding containing copper with which the front will be covered. It is an alloy of copper and zinc which is durable and maintenance-free. The colour is a dark golden brown which will give the otherwise white building an upgraded and urban expression.

Materials and execution have been carefully selected and planned focusing not only on look and design but also on functionality, accessibility and aesthetics:

The commercial look has been an important element in our planning. Friis Shoppingcenter should reflect what it is – a shopping centre where you can shop in well-known, international fashion stores, eat at restaurants, do your daily shopping, have a cup of coffee on your way to your car, do your fitness training and otherwise enjoy yourself in the centre of Aalborg. This is what the building should signal, explains Centre Manager at Friis Shoppingcenter, Lotte Vestergaard Skou.

A central meeting place in the middle of the city Even the entrance at Gabels Torv will be transformed. The entrance will be moved, and the existing roundel doors will be replaced by pivot hung doors in glass, opening up the entrance area. This will make the entrance more inviting and grander than the traditional roundel doors and make the shopping centre more accessible to visitors.

Lots of light and more entrances will also increase accessibility. In addition to the existing entrances at Gabels Torv and Nyhavnsgade and the entrance to Magasin at Nytorv and in Nørregade, there will be a new entrance under the pedestrian bridges at Nytorv. Outdoor serving will be available at Dalle Valle and Joe & The Juice, contributing to creating more life at Gabels Torv, says Lotte Vestergaard Skou.

Passers by and customers will be able to observe the ongoing rebuilding of the front as the centre will not be closed off at any time. The new front is expected to be completed this summer, and Friis Shoppingcenter will stay open during the entire rebuilding process.