Danske Shoppingcentre has acquired the popular herningCentret

Danske Shoppingcentre is pleased with its acquisition of the successful shopping centre herningCentret, which took place on 1 October 2018. With this acquisition, herningCentret becomes the 17th shopping centre in a national portfolio that includes Frederiksberg Centret, Lyngby Storcenter, Kolding Storcenter and Friis in Aalborg.

“The further development of herningCentret is going to be an exciting task, and we look forward to contributing with our expertise in this area. We have worked with shopping centres for a great many years and have built up unique knowledge,” says Danske Shoppingcentre Director, Michael Nielsen.

With regard to the acquisition of herningCentret, one of the things that Danske Shoppingcentre focussed on was how the 40-year-old centre had developed from a traditional shopping centre into an ultra-modern shopping and experience destination.

“herningCentret is a well-managed centre, which is popular in a large area of Central Jutland, which fits well with our objective to own and develop the best centres in Denmark. We look forward to continuing the positive development with the centre’s owners and customers,” says Director, André Scharf on behalf of Danske Shoppingcentre.

Named as the centre with “Denmark’s best activities”
herningCentret is the biggest shopping centre in Central and West Jutland, with a total area of 36,000 m2. herningCentret dates back to 1978, and even though the centre celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, it is very modern, inviting and more active than ever. Evidence of this includes it being officially named as the centre with “Denmark’s best activities” in 2017.

The centre has 80 stores and 10 restaurants and eateries, and it is open every day. It has the perfect mix of convenience goods, specialty and fashion shops, cafés, restaurants and its own children’s play area, all of which ensures that the centre provides excellent shopping experiences for customers of all ages.

“Herning is a growing city and in relation to the development of our centre, we always work to ensure that it is integrated with the surrounding city, so that the strongest shopping services are created for the area’s residents. This means that herningCentret will continue to have lots of excellent and relevant shopping services for customers – for families with children, young people and adults who visit the centre,” says Property Manager, Eva Handest on behalf of Danske Shoppingcentre.

Tomorrow’s shopping centre
With Danske Shoppingcentre as the new owner, herningCentret has the opportunity to benefit from excellent expertise and extensive knowledge about trends, including trends within shopping. This means among other things, new opportunities for long-term thinking and for meeting consumer needs before they arise.

“At Danske Shoppingcentre, our work focusses on shaping and modifying our centres so that they are consistently up-to-date and attractive to visitors and shoppers. Because tomorrow’s shopping centres must offer much more than shopping. And here it’s important that a strong centre like herningCentret offers attractive experiences for customers in the form of excellent places to eat, entertainment and shopping services,” ends Eva Handest.