Copenhagen Designer Outlet

The Danes love a good bargain

Almost one third of the shopping in Denmark is spent on special offers and products with a discount, according to an analysis performed by the Nielsen Company who specialises in consumer behaviour. The desire for a "good deal" is inherent in the Danish mentality of both young and older people.

Copenhagen Design Outlet appeals to the Danes' desire to make a good deal. Here, outlets from a number of brands have been gathered in a centre, attracting customers from a large catchment area. When the consumer shops in Copenhagen Designer Outlet, he or she will save 30-70 % compared to the original price or the recommended sales price. And here, we are talking about brand products and products from nationally and internationally renowned brands.

It is a Danish tradition to focus on offers and engage in the daily pursuit of large or small savings. Based on promotions and best offer catalogues Danes pursue good deals on anything from cereals to clothes and luxury items. With Copenhagen Designer Outlet the capital region now has an outlet centre that customers have so far only seen on holidays south of the border. The best customers in the centre are young families. Their requirements are extensive and they want nothing but the best when it comes to home decoration, fashion and sports equipment which is exactly what the largest stores provide.