City Vest

Focused on the enviornment

In Brabrand near Aarhus, City Vest has focused on the environment and CSR with the campaign "The good choice". For years, the centre has worked on minimising energy consumption and CO2 emissions, but activities such as waste sorting, increased security and health and safety are also on the agenda.

The goal is to implement a number of measures for the future. Environmental solutions have come to stay in Brabrand.

Green measures
One of the major investments is the cooling system in the centre that reduces CO2 emissions in City Vest by more than 100 tons annually. But also on a smaller scale there are a large number of measures that contribute to the green profile.

A large number of the environmental measures in the centre are specifically directed at the customers. Containers have been installed to collect newspapers, glass/bottles and batteries, and at all centre entrances there are bicycle stands to motivate customers to use the bike instead of the car.

The staff at the centre is committed, and focus on the environment and CSR has become part of everyday life. An example is that all employees and shops sort their waste every day.

Green customer service results in more satisfied customers
Even though many of the investments are related to obtaining a greener profile, City Vest has observed that the customers appreciate easy access to bottle containers as well as the new bicycle stands. And at a time when an increasing amount of customers demand CSR and environmentally friendly solutions, it is a natural step in the right direction.