Amager Centret

Amager undergoing ambitious renovation 2018-2019

Customers get an untraditional and inspiring shopping experience with new and updated passageways, energy-saving installations, more shops, a new parking house and a brand new market environment. Danske Shoppingcentre in cooperation with DEAS will initiate a rebuilding and expansion of Amager Centret.

Amager Centret opened in 1975 and historically, it has been a local centre and the preferred shopping destination for people living on the island of Amager. To ensure that Amager Centret remains competitive, Danske Shoppingcentre is now initiating a grand modernisation and development of the centre. It is estimated that the rebuilding will be completed at the end of 2019.

Emphasis is on strengthening the synergies between the centre and the local area, while integrating the centre in the city even more.

"In the development of our centres we always focus on ensuring that they interact with the city to create cohesion and thus a stronger shopping destination. In this way we secure our investment many years ahead," says Property Manager Eva Handest on behalf of Danske Shoppingcentre.

The centre will be opened up at street level and become the natural centre for that part of town with establishment of 20 to 30 new shops and improved logistics on the first floor. The small square in the middle of the centre, which was previously used for refuse collection, will be converted into a green area where a number of restaurants and cafés will contribute to creating a pleasant environment and a new recreational area for the Amager residents.

Amager Centret is owned by Danske Shoppingcentre and managed by DEAS, one of the largest centre managers in Denmark with a portfolio of 16 shopping centres all over the country.

"We are working on creation of a strong concept for Amager Centret adding something new to the retail trade in the area and offering the customers a different and inspiring shopping experience. The best solution is a combination of Danish and international brands, local players, accessible convenience stores, an outdoor environment and attractive eating places. This is our experience and we look forward to making it happen," says Department Manager Finn Sture Madsen responsible for centre management at DEAS.

From ropemakers to an inspiring shopping centre – with the rebuilding, the architecture will revert to the original industrial look. The buildings were originally constructed by the ropemakers Jacob Holm & Sønner, one of the oldest businesses in Denmark.

The technical facility and all the common areas will be updated based on inspiration from abroad, and the future layout will be very different from the traditional layout of a centre.

Complex rebuilding of a centre in operation
The rebuilding has been planned since 2013, and DEAS has supported the project phase with idea development regarding the architecture, leasing, tenders, project management and client consulting. Hoffmann A/S has been chosen as contractor on the job with PLH Arkitekter A/S and COWI A/S as consulting engineers.

The complex rebuilding project will take place while the centre is in operation. This requires planning and solutions that take the shop owners and the residents in the densely populated area around the centre into consideration.

One of the first building projects is demolition of the existing parking house situated in the middle of Amager Centret. The demolition will make room for a new, modernised parking facility with room for even more cars. The layout of the new parking house makes room for more shops on the first floor, and extension of the walking area will enable customers to walk all the way around the first floor.