Attractive location and customer focus

With a mere 6-minute walk from Slagelse train station and located near the motorway and highway, VestsjællandsCentret attracts customers from across Sjælland. The centre is uniquely situated in the heart of Slagelse city, surrounded by urban life and beautiful, old buildings. VestsjællandsCentret's location has led to close collaborations with the city when arranging larger events and after-hours openings.

The centre has a large and desirable customer base, consisting primarily of families and young people. They take part in several of the centre's activities. The centre's offers match this target group and puts at their disposal, for instance, a designated place where students can read and do group work in a study lounge.

In 2015, the centre was renovated, and the space comes across as attractive, modern and user-friendly. The activities on offer are a combination of new and innovative events and known successful events, such as car boot sales, fashion shows and market-place sales. Since the refurbishment, there has been a steady increase in the number of visitors.

VestsjællandsCentret is also due to celebrate a round-number birthday this year, as the centre looks forward to celebrating its 50th birthday. We will take the opportunity to look back at the centre's history and its significance for Slagelse throughout the years.